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Emergency Dentist

Do You Need An Emergency Dentist?

Call Whickham Dental Practice on 0191 488 7826

If you need to see an emergency dentist during practice hours, please call us immediately and we will endeavour to see you as soon as possible. For Patients who are on one of our Dental Plans you are entitled to emergency care outside of the Practice’s normal hours. In an emergency, please telephone the Practice and an answer phone message will explain how to make arrangements to receive emergency care. Call us on 0191 488 7826

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Not one of our registered patients? No problem, we’ll solve your tooth crisis TODAY 

Emergency Appointment for New Patients from only £80.00

Some of the emergency dental treatments we provide include:

Tooth ache relief

Emergency extractions

Treatment of abscess’

Repairing broken teeth, veneers or crowns

Emergency Dentist Newcastle Free Guide

What can happen when you miss your dental appointments?

It is understandable that a lot people will attempt to “live with the pain” and some people even think its “a bit soft” to go visit a dentist for “a little tooth pain” or a regular check up. Nevertheless, these constant or periodic teeth problems are how your mouth warns you of potential serious problems. Pain is your personal alarm and something that should not be ignored.

If the pain gets worse you could be forced to take time off

Dental problems are second only to back pain as the most common reason for taking days off sick. With companies downsizing and job security a thing of the past it’s important that you are back in work and feeling 100%.

By ignoring tooth pain you could make the dental care more complicated, lengthier, more expensice and less effective

By delaying treatment or masking the pain with aspirin and other drugs…you may only succeed at making treatment more complicated when the time comes that you can no longer put it off.

Ignoring the pain could lead to the need for dental surgery

Dental Surgery is no trivial matter. There is always a factor of risk when having an operation of any kind. Your capacity to work and socialise could be restricted after surgery. Surgery and recovery can also be very costly.

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