Cosmetic Dentistry

In other words, improving your smile

Often people have a very specific idea about what they would like to change about their smile. In which case, let us know and we’ll tell you whether it’s possible!
For others, they need a little guidance or suggestions. Here are a few.


Wouldn’t everyone have whiter teeth?!

Whitening is a favourite because it is simple and it is non invasive. It can easily be combined with other treatments, such as the ones below.

Unsightly gaps

There are a number of ways to replace missing teeth such as bridges or implants

Overcrowded teeth

‘Crooked’ teeth can be corrected with traditional braces or using clear aligners as with Invisalign. For those in more of a hurry (and perhaps prepared to accept a slightly more compromised result), dental bonding may be an option.

Misshaped teeth

Nature doesn’t always get it right! Small teeth, twisted teeth, small spaces or chipped teeth may benefit from dental bonding

Composite white fillings to replace old stained ones or replace amalgam fillings.

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