General Dentistry

General dentistry is at the heart of what we do at Whickham Dental Practice.

Looking after the dental health of all the generations is what comes first: Welcoming a child on their first ever visit, helping the very elderly maintain a comfortable dentition, and everything in between.

Of course, as dentistry has evolved – especially cosmetically – so too has our team. But looking after the basic dental needs – and doing it well – is key.

Central to this is the dental examination- arguably the most important appointment of the lot. This is the time to diagnose and discuss – what and how something needs treating. Perhaps even, what doesn’t need treating. The health of the teeth, the health of the gums and all the surrounding structures.

A filling is not just a filling: diagnosing the right time to intervene is important. The better it is performed the greater potential for it to last longer. The more times a filling needs replacing, the bigger it is likely to be. The bigger the filling, the more likely it is for more involved – and more expensive – treatments.

All our dentists are highly trained at the prestigious universities of Newcastle and Manchester, and are well motivated in their postgraduate development.

We have a strong emphasis too, on the preventive role of our hygienists.

Our patients have their role to play in our preventive dental approach – regular attendance and following the advice is crucial to this team effort.

It is our job to encourage this in our calm and gentle manner.

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