Teeth Whitening

Is tooth whitening the best dental invention? Possibly. 
Is tooth whitening the best value dental treatment? Probably!

There are a couple of options for whitening but the one we do most frequently, we call “home whitening” and costs £295.

It is increasingly popular as it is very safe for the teeth, non invasive, and is easy to do. Everyone likes whiter teeth. Teeth naturally get darker as we get older, so think whiter, brighter, younger.

We takes moulds of the teeth, send them to the lab who make whitening ‘trays’, we show you how to put the whitening gel into the trays, you put it onto your teeth for an hour a day for a couple of weeks and the teeth get whiter. Simple.

Be aware that it only whitens natural tooth, but not restoration like crowns.  However it can still be beneficial – older crowns will often be too light as the natural teeth around them have got darker. If planning new crowns (or veneers or bonding), do the whitening first so we can match the crowns accordingly.

Just mention whitening to any of our team and they will know how to look after you.

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