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Strong Teeth Club – School Visit

As part of our commitment to the local community, Dentist Alison Collins and Practice Manager Daniel Glynn visited Front Street School Nursery to teach children there the importance of brushing their teeth.


Some of you may know that we launched our Strong Teeth Club last October, for more information on it please click here. As part of this, we plan to visit schools and nurseries in the local area to help improve children’s understanding of their teeth.

Topics we cover with children include: What foods they should and shouldn’t eat. How many times a day they should brush their teeth? Who should brush their teeth? What to expect when you visit the dentists.

Alison really the feels the visits to schools are very important. In her opinion the earlier a child visits the dentists the better. Although we see adult patients privately we do in fact see children on the NHS. The earlier a child visits the dentist the less nervous and anxious they are about the whole experience.

The children enjoy playing with the bits and pieces we take along. They get really excited about the big teeth, toothbrush and mirror. The also enjoy interacting with the stuffed toys that have teeth that can come out, that always creates questions and becomes a god talking point.

Alison really enjoys her time visiting schools so if you are from a local school or nursery and you would like us to visit your children and help them understand more then please get in contact with Daniel.

If your child would like to join the practice and see a dentist, call 0191 488 7826 alternatively you can e-mail us on